Fox Speaks to 300 Lawyers about New Breath Test Machine

Washington State DUI police officers will have a new breath test machine to use in processing folks they have arrested for DUI: The Draeger 9510. There is not much “official” information about this machine available, but I was able to glean quite a bit of useful information from over 2,000 pages of information (emails, prototype testing, etc) I had received from the state via a Public Records Request. I was honored to be the last speaker on the schedule at the 2010 annual Seattle seminar “Defending DUIs,” which was attended by over three hundred attorneys. My presentation covered the history of breath test machines in Washington State, all the way from the Harger Drunkometer (1950′s DUI technology) through the Breathalyzer, then the various versions of the DataMaster, to the current Draeger 9510. The Draeger has been approved for use in DUI arrests in Washington State but not yet deployed for use as the operating software is undergoing final “tweaks” before deployment into the field. Giving this presentation was somewhat “deja vu” since I gave a similar presentation in in Seattle 1987 to over three hundred lawyers regarding the novel technology of the DataMaster breath testing machine, which at that time was being depolyed in Washington State and then was a mystery to most DUI defense attorneys.

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