What Is The Range of Error On Your Breath Test?

A DUI arrest in Seattle or elsewhere in Washington State will usually include the administration of a breath test at the police station on the BAC DataMaster breath test machine. The breath test document has two results, corresponding to the individual blowing twice, as required, into the machine. If the readings are .08 or higher, that is “per se” evidence of the crime¬† of DUI. As an attorney defending DUIs for thirty years, I know that the actual numbers on that breath test document are really just approximations of the true breath alcohol in a person’s body. Just because the breath test ticket says something doesn’t make it true. The Washington State Toxicologist has finally confirmed on a website what everyone associated with DUI arrests in Seattle and elsewhere has known for years: all breath test readings have a corresponding factor of “uncertainty” that must be reported in order that the numbers on the breath test document may be honestly interpreted in court. Here’s a link to the website reporting the “uncertainty” of breath test measurements: WSP Forensic Laboratory Services.

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