Justifying a Seattle DUI Stop – The Big Twenty Four

The Federal government commissioned a study to determine what “behaviors” were “typical” of a driver who is DUI. The report, “The Detection of DUI at BACs Below .010″ was published in 1997 and is still used in training Seattle DUI officers (and other agencies as well.) Any Seattle DUI attorney must be familiar with this and other studies as well in order to effectively represent someone accused of DUI. Many of the twenty-four ”clues” are driving behaviors that are also exhibited by completely sober people. Below is the list:

1.   Weaving.
2.   Weaving across lane lines.
3.   Straddling a lane line.
4.   Turning with a wide radius.
5.   Almost striking object or vehicle.
6.   Swerving.
7.   Drifting.
8.   Stopping problems.
9.   Accelerating or decelerating for no apparent reason.
10. Varying speed.
11.  Slow speed.
12.  Driving in opposing lanes or the wrong way.
13.  Slow response to traffic signals.
14.  Slow/failure to respond to an officer.
15. Stopping in lane for no reason.
16. Driving without headlights at night.
17. Failure to signal or inconsistent signals.
19. Following too closely.
20. Improper or unsafe lane change.
21. Illegal or improper turn.
22. Driving on other than designated roadway.
23. Stopping inappropriately in response to an officer.
24. Appearing to be impaired.

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