New Breath Test Machine approved for Washington State

Draeger 9510

A Washington State DUI attorney must be familiar with the technology and science used in prosecuting DUI charges. Currently, the authorities are considering whether or not to deploy a new breath test device for use in DUI arrests in Washingon state – the Draeger 9510. The Washington State Toxicologist is empowered to approve the use of such devices and issues a public statement of approval by amending the Washington Administrative Code. On September 16, 2010, the Toxicologist has spoken: The Draeger 9510 is now approved for use in Washington State. The same published notice amends other sections of the DUI Administrative Codes (WAC 448-16) to conform with the way the new machine works, such as: (1) A “gas standard” will be used instead of the liquid “external standard” currently used by the DataMaster and (2) the operator will input data either by using a keyboard or by swiping a magnetic card and the driver’s license through a reader in the machine. There are, of course, other major changes in procedure and technology resulting from the eventual deployment of the new DUI breath test machine. Those will be discussed in future blogs as the particulars of the new breath test protocols are settled.

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