How is the New DUI Machine Different?

In 2011, a new DUI breath test machine, the Draeger 9510, will be deployed for use in Washington State DUI arrests. This new device will replace the BAC DataMaster, Washington State’s current DUI tester. The DataMaster is now so old that it is no longer manufactured and replacement parts are no longer available. The Draeger 9510 will cost about $10,000 per unit, and the State plans to deploy hundreds of these DUI testers in all areas of the state. A few notable facts about the Draeger:

- Whereas the DataMaster produces tests two breath samples and produces two readings, the Draeger tests two breath samples TWICE, thus producing four test results.

-The breath test document of the DataMaster contained only the test readings and a bit of other data. The Draeger is capable of producing a printout with graphs of the “breath profile,” which would show how long an individual blew, and also the “uncertainty” calculation for the readings.

- The DataMaster uses Infrared Spectrometry (I/R) to quantify alcohol. The Draeger uses I/R and in addition tests each breath sample using “electrochemical” (E/C).

-The DataMaster’s I/R system measures a frequencyof infrared light associated with the Carbon/Hydrogen bond of the ethyl alcohol molecule. The Draeger’s I/R system measures the Carbon/Oxygen bond of the ethyl alcohol molecule.

- The police officer operating the DataMaster must type in all date identifying the subject, date of incident, etc. The Draeger will have a card swype device that will read the data from a driver’s license and also the operator’s permit card.

The bid specifications for Washington State’s new DUI breath testing machine are quite lengthy and the Draeger was required to be capable of complying with the bid requirements. We will learn much more about this new breath testing device as it continues in development and modification for use in this state.

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